Concussion Testing

Gillette Soccer Club is excited to announce Impact Concussion Testing! We have partnered with Gillette Physical Therapy to offer preseason baseline concussion testing for all our players.

What is it??

Impact testing is a computerized test that provides baseline cognitive data that can be used in the management and evaluation of possible concussions. It is recommended by US Soccer and many other national sports organizations to track and help diagnose/treat concussions.

Who can do it??

All players in Gillette Soccer Club this fall season are eligible–u7 players all the way to high school.

What does it cost??

There is NO cost for the baseline test if done with the club. Gillette Soccer Club feels that concussions are a serious risk in any youth sport and we will cover the cost for the baseline test. If the player needs post-concussion testing and/or management, that cost is the responsibility of the parent/guardian.

Is it required??

No, players are not required to get a baseline test, but why wouldn’t you?!? It’s free and could help with medical treatment decisions if a concussion is suspected. There is a possibility that in the near future the baseline testing could be required nationally. Some sports and some Wyoming schools already require it.

How often do we do it??

If your child is 11 and under and took the test previously on the iPad, they retake the test every 12 months. 12 and older kids that took the test on the computer retake the test every 24 months. Contact Joanna Fletcher at GPT at 307.682.4900 with questions.

How do I sign up??

Click below to sign up for a testing time on August 14th or August 15th.